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      中褚商貿,傳統文化管理現代企業,“中道天下,褚匯萬家”是企業靈魂,中正之道、 至誠至善立天下;中褚大米、營養安全匯萬家。中褚,要用的米溫暖國人的胃,將直 擊心靈的米香如正能量般傳遞出去,叫板高端日本大米,用最踏實最真誠的行動,去溫暖 中國米業和子孫后代舌尖上的希望!中褚商貿旗下擁有“中褚”、“褚峰”、“方泉”“食 盛源”等多個馳名品牌商標,在稻種、種植、加工技術等方面,已經趕超日本精品高端米, 目前已成為大米高端品牌。 中褚商貿,致力于打造中國大米**品牌,企業圍繞 著以產業化經營為依托、以品牌化運作為手段、以國際化發展為目標的經營理念,通過不 斷引進國內外先進科技成果,不忘初心、堅持匠心認真對待每一粒米的品質,讓消費者吃 上營養安全放心米。 Zhongchu commerce and trade, traditional culture management of modern enterprises, "Zhongdao world, Zhuhui Wanjia" is the soul of enterprises, the way of integrity, sincerity and goodness to establish the world; Zhongchu rice, nutritional safety convergence of Wanjia. Zhongbo, to warm the stomach of the Chinese people with the best rice, will directly hit the heart of the rice fragrance as positive energy, call for high-end Japanese rice, with the most down-to earth and sincere action, to warm the hope on the tongue of Chinese rice industry and future generations! Zhongbo Trading has many well-known brand trademarks such as Zhongbo, Zhufeng, Fangquan and Shinshengyuan. It has caught up with Japanese high-end rice in rice seed, planting and processing technology, and has now become a world-class high-end rice brand. Zhongbao Business and Trade is committed to building the first brand of rice in China. Enterprises focus on the management concept of industrialization, brand operation and internationalization. By constantly introducing advanced scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad, they will not forget their first intention and insist on taking the quality of each grain seriously, so that consumers can eat safe and nutritious rice. 93